Book signing – The guide to low blood pressure symptoms

Book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 4Whether low blood pressure symptoms or an erratic morning start it had to happen. As a new and aspiring author I had to have my book signing day. I always thought book signing alone is boring, so to prevent yawning during the even I decided to add some flavor to it.

I like feeding my guests good food. No fish or chips fried in recycled oil or hash browns made from glyphosate-sprayed potatoes can come into play. We don’t even dare to whisper these toxic words during meals. But good food has a trade off – preparation effort.


Book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 9

Mozza-tomato-pesto bites

I warned Andi the night before that we had to wake up a tad earlier than on our usual Sundays, but I don’t think his ears were in an “open” mode. For sure his eyes were “closed” tight the next morning. He must have suffered a sequela of low blood pressure symptoms overnight. That’s what he said…. did he read my book?

I dragged his a… from the bed. I did not fall for the low blood pressure symptoms excuses. After all, they did not add up, wink, wink.

The kitchen screamed for attention and we wanted to fulfill our promise of making four zero-grain snacks. On the menu was:

Book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 8

These are the eggs from hens – molesters.

  • devilled eggs with home-made mayo (Andi, the recipe called for 1 tsp, not the whole lemon in the mayo….); the eggs came from local farmers and non-vegetarian hens (these bad hens that molest worms in their spare time); bacon was also from local farms and pigs fed normal food, not agri by-products
  • mozza-tomato-pesto bites to accommodate those who do not eat meat or sugar; although not organic they end up looking nice on the photos
  • brownies – made of almond flour, organic butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and coconut sap. These came out awesome with delicate crust on top and a rich moist inside.
  • cookies – made of almond butter, honey and spices

The rush was on and we finished a few seconds before the first guest arrived. My hair can attest that I did not even have time to look in a mirror. My new one-sided hairdo turned out to be not too flattering, but that I only realized after the book signing event.

We started at 10am. People kept on coming. It`s like the whole neighbourhood came to know each other.  The place quickly filled up with stories, chats, and a smell of … burned coffee. Yep, we had too much of a good time and forgot all about the kitchen.

Book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 6

Great hair, DrD! Totally unprocessed, lol!

Book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 2

Lining up for good food

Book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 7

Almond cookies were part of the menu

book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 5

Must have been something funny… or maybe it was his hand (!?)

book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 10

Brownies of the year. i wish you were here.

book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 1

We ran out of chairs. Standing room only.

If you kept on waiting for that elusive java cup that never arrived we have to formally apologize. We will make up for it next time around. In the meantime I would like to thank EVERYONE for showing up and supporting my efforts in changing the world. After all, the book is not about low blood pressure symptoms at all, but about smart self-discovery and a planet-wide healthy attitude.

As to the book you can get it via or Kindle. You do not need to have a Kindle reader to read Kindle. Your phone can do that too.

You can also download the book’s beginning, which I call a trailer.

Book signing - low blood pressure symptoms 3

DrD Chatting during book signing

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