Can minimalist lifestyle promote good health?

Minimalist lifestyle for good healthNot many would have the guts to consider a minimalist lifestyle, especially when the change involves giving up great perks.

Why would anyone, especially a doctor, and a clinic director, in the mids of her career, suddenly get the urge to let go of a good salary, city conveniences, and the safety of her neighbourhood?

You may be scratching your head in disbelief. Did she lose her marbles? When everyone is scrambling to earn more, she makes a 180 degree turn to live with less. She buys an old Stepvan and converts it into living quarters hoping that she can infect others with the same idea of living a minimalist lifestyle, or at least more environmentally conscientious.

Doctoring, an eye opener

Being a doctor has many perks: respect, job security, above average earnings among others. It is a job that also has extra privileges. One of them is getting to know people. When other jobs gets you to peek into minor personal details, such as buying preferences and product opinions, doctoring opens the door to a completely different level of intimacy.

Behind closed doors patients feel comfortable and open up to let all their secrets out. Between a fungus on the big toe and stinky farts in the bathroom, they throw in some details that no other ears would be privileged to hear. Exactly these untold secrets, these deep desires, fears and dreams once told, unfold a surprisingly strong correlation between human emotions and physical symptoms.

The minds and bodies are entangled on the level few people realize. Our complex lives complicate our bodies with dire consequences. Instead of growing into wisdom we grow into sickness. Instead of teaching new generations how to live, we end up ailment-bound, frail, unproductive, and miserable.

What you should know about

Health is not a pill, it’s a skill

The idea to live a minimalist lifestyle is not something that occurred overnight. It was the end effect of years of diligent research, keen listening, and open communication. The back and forth debates on life, emotions, health, symptoms, and diseases continued for many years, nineteen to be exact. But hours spent on heated discussions on apparently conflicting topics paid off. The puzzle of what’s the best way to live finally got solved.

In the era when everyone yearns for freedom, peace, harmony, and happiness it is short-sighted to treat health as a separate topic. Health leads to freedom, health creates peace, health brings harmony and health becomes happiness. The current health care model does not work. We are all mistaken. Health is not a pill, but a skill, and a doctor should strive to be a teacher, not a pill pusher.

Did you fall for these useless health myths?


The birth of Uthing

A new philosophy of healthy lifestyle was born. We call it Uthing. The name is not a random word or a coincidence. Uthing is to describe a lifestyle that maximizes an individual`s youthful potential while, at the same time, prevents the planet from premature aging.

Uthing promotes a lifestyle that benefits more than just an individual himself, but extends to the well-being of families, communities, nature and the entire ecosystem. It is a system that helps the individual develop necessary Health Skills and maximizes the use of Health Ingredients: real food, movement, outdoor, flora, and love. These ingredients constitute the basis for life, but to our demise, we are chronically deficient in all of them.

Here are some Health Skills bits

Why minimalist lifestyle

Don’t confuse “Uthing” with minimalist lifestyle. There are many ways to LiveUthing, from city living, to farming, to traveling while working. We chose the minimalist lifestyle as the most intense model of healthy living that requires a high degree of Health Skills and provides maximum exposure to Health Ingredients in return.

A doctor is a teacher, and it should be. The word “doctor” comes from Latin and it means “to teach”. But modern doctors do very little of this. They write prescriptions. And although I am a doctor myself, I have come to understand that pushing pills is not the best way to help patients. I can no longer subscribe to this ineffective myopic system regardless of the rewards.

Putting the minimalist lifestyle to test

Switching from high-end city living to minimalist lifestyle will not be easy, but we are not giving up. We are not retiring either. We are just changing gears to test-drive our new philosophy while attempting to live a healthier and more planet-friendly life.  This is our quest for the truth, higher consciousness, growth, and self-discovery. We will be sharing every bit of it. This is what you can find in our further posts:

Our sharable bits on minimalist lifestyle:

  • step by step conversion of our stepvan to mobile living quarters, so you can do the same with your own pennies or be inspired to do your own version of simple living. For products used in building our van go to Our STORE
  • Tips on how to keep healthy on the road, including practical tips on how not to lose sanity or run out of water
  • Benefits and pitfalls of minimalist lifestyle, reported as they unfold
  • Financials of living without a “steady” job
  • Places we find that can be marveled without breaking the bank AKA natural wonders
  • Places and people to support for their healthy and eco-friendly philosophy: eateries, farms, parks, hosts, friends, etc.

And our sharable bits on good health:

  • What is health and why it is the single most important component of anyone`s life
  • How to measure health and know where one stands on its continuum
  • How not to get trapped in the extensive net of never-dying health myths, and finally
  • What are Health Skills that maintain happy and productive life for years to come


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