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Welcome to Uthing

UthingTM Functional Health Grooming for Environmentally Conscious or in short… Healthier, kinder, beautiful… Help us to make the world to be exactly that. This is who we ARE This is what we BELIEVE in This is what we DO, and Most of all: We LIVE what we ...Read More

DrD Health Skills

Health is a Skill, not a Pill Ever wondered why some people have all the energy in the world and are blessed with perfect health? Why some despite breaking all the health rules and seldom seeing a doctor, enjoy an unusually long and happy ...Read More

Uthing System

Simple Steps to being Healthier, Kinder… Beautiful UthingTM System was created to help foster UthingTM Principles through addition of small but meaningful habits into daily life. Pick one or take advantage of all three of the System’s parts: Scores – calculates your current health benchmark Challenges – challenges you to add ...Read More

DrD Books

Looking to read something different? Here are easy to read books that will get your health back on track. Quality reads without health gimmicks, crash diets, or promoting a pile of supplements. Interesting, captivating, well-researched. Pick a title, read, discover, and get back to health. The Ultimate Guide to Low ...Read More