Common high blood pressure causes

common causes of high blood pressureThere are many high blood pressure causes. Although genetics play a part in cardiovascular makeup it is not a major factor.

Contrary to what most people believe high blood pressure is less genetic, but far more lifestyle dependent.


High blood pressure effects 

Hypertension leads to a whole host of different problems. It is directly linked to at least a thousand of unnecessary deaths in the US every day! Hypertension is a silent marker of being unwell and its presence can compound other quietly brewing problems in the body. Although hypertension per se does not killit can make other health conditions deadly. For example, seven out of ten people who have their first heart attack also have hypertension and eight out of ten people who have their first stroke also have high pressure numbers.

Why hypertension reached such epidemic proportions? Immediately dietary habits come to my mind. People simply aren’t aware which foods have a good and bad effect on cardiovascular health.

Below is a convenient reference chart with foods and their effects on the heart. Post this quick reference on your fridge door and make a habit of looking at it frequently. Also make sure you also have an accurate blood pressure monitor otherwise you are making changes in vain.


DrD Blood Pressure Foods | DOWNLOAD



High blood pressure causes can be hidden from sight

Medical books are not helpful. They suggest that 90% of hypertension cases have unknown origins. This is NOT true. This misleading statement is based on outdated and incomplete information.

Very few doctors question the completeness of medical training. Most don’t bother venturing beyond prescriptions and look into nutritional, environmental, or emotional factors. Too bad, because hypertension does not just come out of thin air but it is very much dependent on what you eat, how active you are, how you manage stress and how toxic your environment is.

One way to check for high blood pressure causes

A common cause behind heart problems is insulin resistance. But it is not the same as diabetes. People with insulin resistance may have perfect blood sugar. There is no way to tell if somebody has insulin resistance without proper lab work although there are some external signs that may give clues:

Hair thinning, skin tags on neck, enlarged waist, fatigue and general achey-ness should be enough to prompt for a test to establish insulin issues.

Testing for insulin resistance

You may be surprised, but the likelihood of you having been tested for insulin resistance is extremely low. The concept of insulin resistance, let alone testing for it, is still a foreign phenomenon to quite a large number of physicians.

If you are not sure, or believe that your doctor must have tested for “everything”, because he is a “nice guy” or a “good doctor” ask to see your HOMA number.

HOMA number is your insulin resistance number. If your doctor does not have this number or worse, does not know what you are talking about, it is time to take matters into your own hands. After all, if you can reverse your hypertension, why not do so.

Your heart medication cannot reverse high blood pressure causes or bring you back to health. The job of medication is only to suppress your high blood pressure numbers for a short time.

Be aware that many medications designed to lower high numbers also worsen your health. Some can actually contribute to insulin resistance and make things even worse in the heart department.

Insulin resistance is reversible, so is high blood pressure if it comes with it. Your HOMA number may turn out to be the key to your hypertension-free future.

Ask your health care provider for it. If your HOMA2-IR number is over 1.4 you have just discovered one of the most important high blood pressure causes for yourself.

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