DrD Christmas E-Cookbook

How not to ruin your family and friends health during holiday season

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Do you wish to stay away from:

  • bloating
  • heartburn
  • indigestion
  • gas
  • water retention
  • grogginess,
  • heaviness, and
  • ever expanding waist?

Then you have to use DrD recipes that DO NOT contain:

  • SUGAR that causes metabolic changes
  • gut damaging GLUTEN
  • fast releasing, weight promoting GRAINS
  • ARTIFICIAL flavors that cause hyperactivity
  • man-made CHEMICALS that do not promote health, and
  • food IMITATIONS that stuff your belly, but give you no nutrition

Good-tasting food does not have to cause distress!

Good tasting and satisfying food does not have to cause indigestion, heaviness, or waist enlargement. We are giving you the tools to serve wonderfully healthy meals, made of real food. Our recipes do not contain man-made chemicals or flavor enhancers, because they are naturally flavorful and rich in taste.

Our recipes are low in carbohydrates to help you keep that flat belly and remove the chances of bloat and water retention. You will find no gluten there, but instead a new satisfying no-grain experience. Our recipes are made of foods easily found in your grocery store, not exotic ingredients or highly expensive items. Neither our recipes require an elaborate kitchen settings, or kitchen robots. Our recipes are simple, natural, healthy, and satisfying, so what’s your excuse?

Share good food, good taste, and good health with others.

Be different.

Serve Health on your Christmas table, not a suffering belly.

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