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Dr. Dorothy Adamiak, (retired ND)

Email: dr.dnaturopathsmm AT gmail DOT com

Dorothy Adamiak (DrD) held an Ontario naturopathic license for close to two decades.  After retiring she dedicated her time to authoring books, blogging, and travelling while promoting health.

Her approach to health-building does not follow a conventional route. She believes a doctor should not aspire to be a pill-pusher, but a teacher, and a health model herself.

That`s why after two decades of filling out prescription sheets she decided to let go of this inefficient system and instead, pursue a very different route.

Her long career as a clinician hasn`t gone to waste. In the eighteen years of her private practice she successfully helped thousands of patients get back to health. And even her first patient, which is herself, continues doing well.

DrD has successfully overcame many ailments that had plagued her before she took health in her own hands: chronic fatigue, recurrent infections, low blood pressure, and pre-diabates. Her own experiences and battles lead to a life-long passion for helping others facing the same health dilemmas. .. . .

DrD`s clinical focus:

  • Weight issues: obesity, insulin resistance, fatty liver
  • Blood Sugar: hypoglycemia, diabetes
  • Blood Pressure: low, high, and fluctuating
  • Performance killers: fatigue, immune weakness, diminished brain function
  • Body functionality: longevity, mobility, agility

Her success in area of health restoration hasn`t come from applying elaborate health protocols but from simplifying the complicated and clarifying the controversial. She has proven that many pills, treatments, protocols, surgeries, and personal tragedies can be averted with the simple approach:

  • Un-confuse the meaning of healthy lifestyle
  • Motivate towards self-care with simple manageable steps
  • Establish healthier habits through better self-awareness
  • Uncover useless or even damaging health myths that keep on persisting

DrD’s Books

DrD has published the following books:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Low & Fluctuating Blood Pressure” a lifestyle guide to perfecting circulation as well as
  • “Revived! Proven Natural Solutions for Low Blood Pressure“, a simplified version of The Ultimate Guide that focuses solely on low blood pressure.
  • “The Cholesterol Trap!”, how to work on cholesterol while avoiding killing yourself
  • Ousting Sniffles“, how to build an iron-strong immune system

She is currently working on a series titled “Health Skills”. Her ultimate goal is to convince every patient and every person that “Health is a Skill, NOT a Pill” and that successful journey towards health depends less on a doctor and more on a patient, especially his ability to choose health-building habits, which in today`s complex world can be a daunting task.

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