bioregulation logo 300DrD Toronto Naturopath is the first board-certified Naturopathic Doctor in Canada to have earned specialization in BioRegulatory Medicine. She is a Member of Canadian as well as International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine.

BioRegulatory Medicine is complimentary to Naturopathic Medicine and these two fields combined yield exceptionally powerful results in bringing people back to health.

What is BioRegulatory Medicine?

BioRegulatory Medicine is health-centered therapeutic system. BioRegulatory Medicine does not focus on disease but shifts the emphasis towards building individual health. BioRegulatory Medicine finds and “disarms” causes of dysregulation (or disease) and reactivates body self-corrective mechanism.

BioRegulatory Medicine uses a variety of natural treatments. In our DrD Naturopath Toronto clinic we frequently use individualized nutrition, supplementation, botanical medicine, counselling, acupuncture, and homeopathy.

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In Bioregulatory medicine there are no specific protocols for a specific disease. Instead, every individual will end up with their own personalized treatment strategy. This is because everyone has different types of imbalances and has obvious bio-individuality.

BioRegulation of Body (Terrain)

The state of one’s health is primarily determined by the quality of biological terrain or the matrix of the body. Weakening or imbalance of the matrix can be attributed to variety of factors. Among them are:

  • Electromagnetic pollution (eg. computers, microwaves, signal towers, radiation, cell phones, faulty wiring etc.) ,
  • Chemical pollution (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, artificial food additives, air pollution, etc.)
  • Iatrogenic pharmacodynamics (prescription and over the counter drugs) and
  • Prolonged psychological strain (financial, work-related, relationship, grief, etc.).

Those dysregulatory and tissue-altering factors are capable of inducing a chain of pathological reactions within the body. The process starts with a build-up of toxic overload, disruption of bioelectric and ionic currents, intra and extra cellular changes in concentration of electrolytes and increase in tissue acidification.

Depending on the degree of health problem we, at DrD Naturopath Toronto Clinic, may have to simultaneously address different areas: tissue hydration, remineralization, detoxification, reactivation of cell communication, regulation of tissue pH, and/or re-colonization of disturbed micro-flora among others.

BioRegulatory approach:

Since everyone is different the biggest challenge for a Bioregulatory doctor before communicating a successful individual health plan is to first find what causes the health problems. The areas that need to be investigated are as follows:

  • Nutrition; There are multiple diseases which are induced, triggered, or aggravated by nutrient deficiencies. Bioregulatory treatment addresses both: quality of the diet as well as functionality and absorptive capacity of intestinal mucosa
  • Toxic blocks and detoxification eg. heavy metals, metabolic by-products, accumulation of synthetic organic molecules such as herbicides, preservatives, cumulative and synergistic effect of various homotoxins as well as supports toxin excretion via main eliminatory pathways. Part of the detoxification includes emotional management and addressing dysfunctional belief systems.
  • Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocryne System (PNEI). PNEI facilitates informational flow and activates blocked biofeedback loops. Treatment of PNEI focuses on identification and elimination of toxins with primary affinity towards neuro-endocrine tissue. The major area of focus involves psychological factors and stressors.
  • Structural rigidities and postural realignment; health is characterised by abundance of flexibility. Dis-ease literally means “a lack of ease”. Structural resistances and rigidities are regular sign of declining health. Bioregulatory treatment addresses skeletal misalignments, muscular spasms, fascia restrictions, neural entrapments, poor joint mobility, spasms of visceral organs, stagnation of lymph, venous stasis and bioenergetics blockages.
  • Silent foci, allergies, intolerances; bioregulatory medicine addresses low-grade infections such as Candida, dental issues including poorly done root canals, immediate as well as delayed hypersensitivity, hidden allergies, etc. these are especially important when immune system function is altered eg. allergies, asthma, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, and most autoimmune disease

Bioregulatory medicine is the medicine of the future. Bioregulatory approach is highly accepted by patient as the most body-friendly modern medicine. DrD Toronto Naturopath invites you to experience BioRegulatory medicine for yourself, because being healthy feels wonderful.