Foods that boost immune system – part 2

Foods that boost immune system 2Are there really any foods that boost immune system or nutrition have nothing to do with health? We all know that KFC or McDonald meals do not improve health or strengthen immune system. Otherwise we all will be lining up there to get a health boost.

I personally have been avoiding their “tasty” yet health degrading food imitations for years and this is one of the reasons why my body defenses do not require any special upgrade treatments. It is just plain strong on its own.  The reason why I am boasting great health is not due genetics. This precious possession can be acquired by anybody and below explains how.

Processed food does not boost immune system

KFC and McDonald is just a proverbial example of “foods” we got accustomed to: processed, stored and reheated. Let’s face it. Many of us are “guilty” of grabbing fast food here and there. For some of us it is more than just here and there. It is a lifestyle.

Let`s take a staple of North American fast food – hamburger. So if not processed meat, full of artificial ingredients bun with a speck of highly pesticide sprayed lettuce and sauce full of chemical enhancers then what is there left to eat? This is where I get anxious stares from the disturbed fast food patrons.

Think before eating

The reality is very unfortunate. Most people do not distinguish food from food imitation, real food from processed food or poor quality food from high quality food.  Blueberry muffin is not the same as blueberries, commercial beef is not the same as grass fed, and an apple is not the same as apple juice.

Do not be fooled. “Value meal” refers to money, not nutrition. “Value meal” is just a nicer word for naming poor quality cheap food. Beware of “value meals”, “two for ones” and “all you can eat for a dollar”. These marketing catches can ruin your immune system if you fall for them.

Immune system needs quality nutrients

Foods that boost immune system do not belong to cheap food variety, value meals, and commercially prepared food. It is because foods that boost immune system must carry super high nutritional value, not wallet value.  These foods must be high in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are especially important for body defenses. Not only they help to strengthen it, but they also prevent the damage done due to injury, inflammation, and infection. The most easily noticeable sign of prolonged lack of antioxidants is elevated cholesterol, especially the bad LDL variety.

Cholesterol a key to understanding immune system

ousting sniffles strong immune systemElevated bad cholesterol is a sign of oxidative stress, inflammation, and weakening of immune system. Your first reaction may be to think that the surest way to lower your bad cholesterol is to use prescription drugs. This is correct. The fastest way to lower bad cholesterol is to use statins. Rest assured they will certainly do that trick and your cholesterol will be as low as you and your doctor desires. However there is one problem. Cholesterol-lowering drugs do not boost immune system. They just lower cholesterol. That`s it. Refer to a great book “Ousting Sniffles” for more information on what builds the immune system.

There I a better way to lower cholesterol AND strengthen immune system at the same time. You can lower LDL by eating foods high in antioxidants, or in other words, foods that boost immune system.

What foods lower cholesterol and boost immune system?

There are three groups of foods containing high antioxidant count. Among them are: spices, fruits, and legumes. I would like to emphasize that you will not find bread, pizza, sweets, pop, fries, cereal, or processed food in high antioxidant categories. So think about it. If your menu contains mostly antioxidant-poor and not antioxidant-rich foods how do you think your body strength fares?

You do not need to have a Harvard degree in nutrition to choose the most immune boosting foods. Follow these simple rules for maximum benefits:

  • Choose organic foods. Why? Because they contain FULL spectrum nutrients
  • Focus on spices, fruits, and legumes. Why? Because they have the HIGHEST antioxidant score
  • Cook at home to minimize processing; Why? Because any PROCESSING and storage reduces nutritional value

If you are interested in even stronger fine-tuning of your defenses you should know which foods are especially antioxidant-rich. Below is just a small sample of immune system friendly foods:

  • Spices: cloves, cinnamon, sumac, but not cardamom
  • Fruits: blueberries, cranberries, red delicious apple, but not watermelon
  • Legumes: black beans, kidney beans, lentils, but not peas

For a more comprehensive list download DrD Antioxidant Fridge chart.



DrD Antioxidant Chart | DOWNLOAD



Stop aging with antioxidants

Immune system is just one of many systems that rely on antioxidant levels. So are cardiovascular system, nervous system, and digestive system among others. External beauty is also antioxidant dependent and premature aging is accelerated by poor nutrition status. For example, lack of antioxidant shows as weight gain, age spots, cellulite, and graying hair. Skin wrinkling, sharpness of eyesight and skin glow is also antioxidant dependent.

Foods that boost immune system, lower cholesterol and slow down aging are within your reach, so start using them daily for multitude of benefits even beyond your expectations. For health tests and all ImmSystem needs visit Our STORE


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