Foods that boost immune system – part 3

foods that boost immune system part 3What are the best foods that boost immune system? The foods that will help the body fight infections not just for today for many years to come? Is there something better and more effective than the proverbial chicken soup that can ward off those frequent colds?

In part 1 you have learnt why should eat oats and leaks if you have recurrent colds and why you should NOT eat apples or avocados unless you have a fever.

In part 2 you’ve learnt about preventing damage caused by infections and inflammations and why you should not lower cholesterol, but use it as a health marker and use it to estimate and treat oxidative damage.

So which are the foods that boost immune system? You will find a summary in the chart below. Download and post it on your fridge for a quick reference



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Does your immune system need a boost?

There is one major difference between strong and weak immune system. Strong immune system excels in fighting bugs, invaders, removing toxins and preventing cancer. Weak immune system does not. Recurrent colds may be just one of the signs that defenses are low, but there are more:

For example, if you cut yourself your body needs to react fast to prevent bacteria contaminating the wound. For that you need a quick clotting signal. On the other hand if you get a flu blood clotting may not be the best defense. Instead millions of antibodies need to be produced in just mere minutes. You see, to protect you the system does not rely on just one reaction, but intelligently decides on what, where, and how much. An effective immune reaction must be specific, quick, and strong.  No amount of antibodies can be of any use if all you need is to stop bleeding.

Fevers boost immune system

Many people believe that fever is bad and fever indicates low immune system. This is not true. Fever is nothing else but a sign of activation of body defenses. Fever means the body is fighting. The higher the fever the more intense the fight. For that reason people who “never get sick” but somehow don’t feel well may not be in best health.

Fever is one of the reasons why getting regular flus is associated with lower incidence of cancer. High fevers have been shown to be cancer-protective. Cancer cells are very heat sensitive and die in temperatures normal cells can withstand. This information has been used in developing several cancer treatments with high rate of success. These include hyperthermia or Coley treatment.


What are foods that boost immune system

Now you know now that strong defenses are capable of producing high fevers. Low defenses are too weak to do so. Low defenses cannot produce inflammations and fevers that remove invaders and protect the body. To prevent become vulnerable you need to get to know foods that boost immune system and foods that strengthen the body ability to produce the internal fire.

You may be surprised, but the foods that boost immune system belong to a pro-inflammatory variety. Yes, these are the foods that have been shunned by most dietitians and doctors as bad. But don`t confuse junk food or processed food with foods that are naturally pro-inflammatory such as butter, eggs, coconut oil, or ghee. These, due to their natural composition are exactly the foods that can strengthen body defences to produce strong inflammations, including fevers. These foods belong to a group, wrongly accused of producing bad health effects, of saturated fats.

Will saturated fats kill you?

Saturated fats have a bad reputation of “causing” inflammation, but this just one big misunderstanding. Saturated fat does not “CAUSE” inflammation just because you eat it. If this was true than anybody who would eat a burger should end up with a fever and joint aches. You know this does not happen.

Saturated fat does not “cause” inflammation. It only provides nutrients that can be used for inflammation when the body decides to do fight with bacteria or remove waste. Saturated fat will FACILITATE that detoxification. It will NOT cause it.


Is inflammation bad?

Immune system has two phases: pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. These phases have a predefined 24-hour cycle. Pro-inflammatory phase naturally happens at night. That`s why pains and fevers are magnified during that time. Pro-inflammatory phase ends in the morning as the body goes into an anti-inflammatory stretch. Proper cycling of these two phases is crucial to maintaining healthy and immuno-responsive body.

If you suppress your body defenses by disallowing inflammatory response at night your symptoms will linger and you will end up with chronic conditions. It has been shown that suppressing the fever only prolongs the illness. So, don`t pop anti-inflammatories just because “that’s what everyone does”, you “don’t like the discomfort” or you are “afraid of the fever”. Just because everyone does it, it does not meant it is good, logical, or wise. Discomfort always accompany a fight, so be prepared. And remember fever is your friend. Fever happens when your body fighting. You should be very afraid if your body stops being able to do so.


Is saturated fat for you?

If you suffer from recurrent colds, frequent chills, seldom get fever and feel tired and powerless it’s time to include foods that boost immune system in your diet. Your weak immune system needs them.

Provided you are not chronically inflamed, have no persistent aches and pains, frequent feverish states, your cholesterol is normal (not due to meds), your blood pressure is normal (not due to meds) and you are not on anti-inflammatory medications you may want to consider including the following saturated (detoxifying) fats to your menu:

  • Coconut oil
  • Butter and ghee
  • Lard and tallow
  • Eggs and egg yolks

These fats will provide pro-inflammatory and immune modulating fatty acids for your body, so you can break the vicious cycle of chill-cold-fatigue.


Hold on as yet

If you are chronically inflamed with persistent aches and pains, high blood pressure and raging cholesterol you want to include only the fats that have more immunomodulating rather than pro-inflammatory effect.

Stick to coconut oil and very important… find the underlying source of the chronic inflammation. There is something in you or around you that fuels the inflammation. You must find what it is. Without that knowledge you will be forever stuck in pro-inflammatory mode until a complete exhaustion.

Immune system must cycle

Why you need more than the proverbial chicken soup, garlic, and ginger. A strong immune is simply not the one that can get rid of the cold for you today, but the one that is cycles flawlessly between pro- and anti-inflammatory phase. Bad immune system is the one that is tuck in one phase and have difficulty switching over.

ousting sniffles strong immune systemHere is a simple way check if your body cycles well. If you are in pain day and night your system is stuck in inflammatory mode. If you are weak and get no fevers you can be stuck in anti-inflammatory mode.

If your body does not cycle well you will need professional help, but don`t just go where everyone goes, just because. Think before choosing a practitioner. Run from a doctor that gives you immuno-suppressants, painkillers, or anti-inflammatories. Go to a doctor that can tell you WHY you have a problem with low immune system. Don’t be afraid of inflammation, because strong immune system needs it.

So instead of avoiding saturated fats remember that a pro-inflammatory phase is a natural part of your immune cycle. It is the inflammation that fights bugs, and removes waste. Do not get fooled by low fat promises of health. Low fat diets may make you lose weight but they won’t make you immune system any more responsive. It may be strange to learn, but foods that boost immune system include fats, especially saturated fats. To learn how to build a strong immune system from the ground up, refer to the great book on the subject “Ousting Sniffles“. For other tools please visit Our STORE



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