Foods that cause high blood pressure

foods that cause high blood pressureDo you know of any foods that cause high blood pressure? Sure you do! Let’s see if you can name at least one. Would it be… or…

If you said coffee or bacon you are right. Coffee and bacon can cause immediate spike, but do they really cause high blood pressure when you use them on a regular basis?



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Foods or cardiovascular ill-health?

Foods that cause high blood pressure come in different shapes and sizes. Some taste bitter, some salty, and some sweet. Many can cause trouble for people who already have hypertension, but they seldom cause any problem for people that aren’t prone to hypertension.

No teenager will end up with a high blood pressure due to two bacon slices for breakfast and no young and fit woman will ever notice any measurable spikes after drinking a large tumbler of coffee. Only those, whose health is compromised will notice such effects. Not unlike the proverbial last drop that spilled the glass.

Common foods that cause high blood pressure

However, if you already have high blood pressure or are at the beginning stages of hypertension these few innocent additions to your diet can make a difference to your heart readings. Although it is easy to blame a food for hypertension crisis one has to realize that it is not the food, but an inappropriate body response to this food that causes the problem.


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Below is a list of common foods that spikes the pressure in health-compromised individuals:

  • Coffee and caffeine, pop, energy drinks: these can cause immediate blood pressure spike lasting for a few hours; Download The Guide to find out how to drink your tea and coffee without cardiovascular effects

Get an organic decaf to prevent the spike

  • Salty foods: ham, bacon, sausage, cottage cheese, cured meats, Chinese food, pizza, canned foods and most processed foods: these can cause high blood pressure spike lasting several hours to a day
  • High carbohydrate foods: breads, pasta, pizza, bakery products, sweets, fries, most junk etc. : these can cause water retention and consequently high blood pressure lasting up to a 3 days

High blood pressure causes

The truth is that high blood pressure is never caused by one food or food combination, but by incremental malfunctioning of the body due to health-incompatible lifestyle. If you think that heart disease is inevitable and we will all end up with it someday you are wrong. Hypertension is not a random curse, but exceedingly the end result of long-term health-incompatible lifestyle factors such as:

That`s why people who eat junk, are under stress, and lead a sedentary indoor life are more likely to have high blood pressure regardless of their coffee and bacon intake. Since this type of lifestyle is very common in North America it should not be a surprise that hypertension affects a large proportion of North American population. Despite wide-spread yet erroneous belief, genetics play a very minor role in cardiovascular health as hypertension is mostly lifestyle dependent. You should know that you have a power to reverse high blood pressure.

Should one then disregard foods that cause high blood pressure?

Absolutely not! Avoiding foods that cause high blood pressure, or stating it more correctly “a temporary spike in numbers” is still prudent. Pay attention to foods, because it is a sudden spike rather than a steady high pressure that is most dangerous. Blood pressure needs to follow a specific health pattern, which is explained in “The Guide

Steady high blood pressure is easy to lower with medications, but managing spikes have always presented a medical challenge. If your cardiovascular numbers are erratic go to the article “common causes for fluctuating BP“. In the meantime look out for and avoid minimize those spikes by avoiding common foods that cause high blood pressure.


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