Foods that combat fluctuating blood pressure

Foods that combat fluctuating blood pressureFluctuating blood pressure is not only uncomfortable, but for some may even be unbearable. Erratic numbers do not happen by chance. There is always a reason why the heart is doing somersaults.

I have dedicated an entire separate post to causes of fluctuating blood pressure. You should get yourself familiar with them because, chances are, at least one pertains to you. Knowing the underling cause it the first step in the right direction.

Foods to calm down fluctuating blood pressure

Regardless of the reason behind your erratically-behaving numbers, foods can come to the rescue. Be aware however that different foods cause different effects on the heart. Some will stimulate circulation, some will depress it. You need to be able to distinguish what food does what.

Foods that INCREASE blood pressure

When you feel weak, shaky, and lightheaded chances are that your blood pressure just took a nosedive. You may want to raise it with foods that can do that. If you do it right, not only your numbers will be back in the range, but you will feel more energized, calmer, and less dizzy. Give it a try.

For lesser-known information on symptoms of low blood pressure, their reasons and effects use the links below:

Among foods that can increase low numbers are:

  • Water, especially if you are dehydrated
  • A pinch of salt followed by water
  • Fruit juice or honey if you haven’t eaten for a while, and
  • Coffee (caffeinated), which can boost your adrenaline

Foods that LOWER blood pressure

Do not be disappointed but there are no foods that can spiked blood pressure right away. There is however, a very useful non-dietary technique that can lower the numbers in minutes. Unfortunately, when it comes to diet it takes several hours for any food to be digested and to see an effect. Nonetheless, foods can be really helpful in hypertension.

There are two main types of foods that are capable of lowering blood pressure: diuretics and vasolidators.

Diuretics make you pee and remove excess water from your system. It is their water-removal property that can lower the numbers rather quickly. Among those are:

  • cucumber , celery
  • lettuce, parsley, asparagus
  • watermelon

Vasodilators (vessel dilators) typically work by increasing nitric oxide in the body. You may want to remember that because nitric oxide and heart health go hand in hand. You cannot have a healthy heart without a good supply of nitric oxide. How can you get more of it? You fill find a detail list of foods in high blood pressure cures article.

There is a considerable number of nitric oxide precursors in the vegetable kingdom. Even if you do not like vegetables you may want to look at them more kindly knowing that nitric oxide dilates ALL the vessels, not only around the heart, but also around the parts one more or less keeps private. Investing in heaps of vegetables can make many men more in charge of their masculinity. Among those “erectile” vegetables are:

  • Celery root
  • Endive
  • Chinese cabbage

For a quick reach list of foods that regulate circulation download DrD Fridge Chart.



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Preventing blood pressure fluctuations

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureBe aware that excessive fluctuations is a sign of ill-health. Spiked blood pressure that shows up once will likely keep on showing up more frequently in the future. What does this mean for you? Hypertension is reversible, but not by continuously using emergency foods like diuretics or circulatory uppers without addressing the root causes.

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