Goofing around after 50

Playfulness is not just for kids. Physical fun is for everyone, regardless of age.

Fooling around should be our daily bread and goofing around should be our staple. It is healthy. It is fun. The reason why parks don’t swell with seniors doing cartwheels is not because they don`t want to. It is because they can’t.

North America does not boast too many agile pensioners. Old-age frailty is deeply ingrained in our mindset. We equate old age with physical disability. We believe that “if the body does not hurt after 40, one is probably dead”. Apparently, life after 40 sucks, but we are ok with it. If it hurts we take a painkiller, if we get unstable on the feet, we get a mobility scooter.

Our physical expectations for the aged are extremely low. Fitness classes for seniors don’t build muscle mass for the purpose of chopping wood, but merely to allow an accident free stroll from the car to the store. Balance exercises don’t train retirees how to rope walk over a canyon. Their job is to prevent sudden falls on a flower bed. Conditioning exercises are not designed improve a 100 meter dash, but to allow for climbing a flight of stairs without a stroke.

You mindset is your destiny. Your beliefs are your future. How do you see yourself in ten years: fit or frail? Are you going to be riding wild horses at 75 or sit stuck on a park bench watching people passing by? Choose wisely: bulging biceps or a bulging belly? Your mindset, your choice.

We choose to fool around

Here is our senior moment. We are sharing it with you to prove that advancing age can be as playful as teenage years. Lots of laughter, lots of fun. Did you know that there isn’t just one way to ride a hulajnoga?

We goof, because we can. Please join us. Advancing age does not have to feel physically exhausting and be full of “life-saving” pills.

Stay agile, stay youthful, have fun and live #Uthing

PS. Feel free to share your goofy moment in the comments

Here are some tested by us old-age adrenaline suggestions:

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