How not to aggravate low blood pressure symptoms

how not to aggravate low blood pressure symptomsHigh and low blood pressure symptoms can get aggravated by lifestyle, but despite abundant advice we still make lots of mistakes. Many people think they are following healthy lifestyle, but instead they make things worse for themselves.

Here are just a few things to take into consideration if you suffer from symptoms of low blood pressure or have chronic fatigue.

Weight lifting effects

Exercise is a must for health, but weight lifting is not for everyone, especially not for those with heart problems. Weight lifting is very strenuous for the circulation, much more strenuous than walking or swimming. Although lifting a single pound may not cause much trouble, lifting 50 lb or 100 lb can put an unconditioned heart in real trouble.

Weight lifting causes major shifts in blood pressure. The numbers go rapidly up when weights are being lifted and then rapidly go down when weights are put down. Professional weight lifters are known for spiking their top numbers beyond 300 mmHg. This is not a typo. Weight lifting is that strenuous!

But what comes up must go down. These sudden ups and downs are the very reason for light-headedness and dizziness after a weight lifting session. To prevent such erratic blood pressure behavior one needs to know how and when to exercise or better yet, how to restore fluctuating blood pressure to normal. You will find this information in the book Revived! featured below.


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Low blood pressure symptoms from low carb diet

Low carb, high carb, paleo or vegan? There are so many different types of diet that one may easily get confused. Although most diets are advertised for their ability to make fat pads disappear very few diets specifically address high or low numbers. Yet diets and their components can have very dramatic effect on the heart numbers. Coffee and salt are just two examples.

Nobody however seems to be talking about the immediate effects of carbohydrates on pressure numbers. Maybe because carbohydrates are not like salt or coffee and they don’t produce changes within an hour or so. Carbohydrates are a bit sneakier. Their presence causes water retention and consequently higher blood pressure for several days after ingestion. Their absence in the diet does the opposite. It causes water loss and may lead to low blood pressure effects.

One of the less talked about result of low carb diet is hypoglycemia. Some individuals do not do well without carbohydrates and end up with symptoms of low blood sugar. Hunger, cravings, moodiness, and weight fluctuations are tell-tale signs of erratic blood glucose. That’s not good because hypoglycemia is a very big contributor to low blood pressure symptoms. And although the two usually go together most people are aware of having only one of them. The other one typically escapes their attention.

Be aware that hypoglycemia may one of the few warning symptoms of prediabetes. Choosing the best diet for your condition should be your priority, because correction of low blood sugar symptoms may lead to prevention of prediabetes.

Blood pressure effects from temperature

Temperature makes all the difference to the heart. Heat relaxes blood vessels and causes blood pressure drop. Cold tones the circulation and causes a blood pressure spike. The effects are clearly seen during a bath. A hot one relaxes. A cold one invigorates. A hot day makes you sleepy, a cold day makes you shivery. For example a one hour cold bath (20C/57F) increases blood pressure numbers by 8% and one hour hot bath (32C/90F) decreases them by 12%.

If low blood pressure symptoms bother you then you should avoid hot rooms and hot baths and instead look for a well air-conditioned places and cooler showers. Temperature is so important for the body that even cooler drinks make a substantial difference to the heart. Studies suggest that two glasses of cold water can have the same circulation-stimulating effects as a cup of coffee.

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