How to detoxify in a smart way

If you are about to buy a juicer, go on a parasite cleanse, get bowel detox kit, or a water flushing pill – STOP!

Why natural medicine does not work?

Many trendy detoxification practices are plain useless and a plain waste of money. Do not get conned into things you do not need! In a minute you will learn what to ask to ensure you will detoxify in a smart, not wasteful way. Go over the questions below and let them be your guide for a much more satisfying detoxification experience next time around.

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Does detoxification work?

Most people feel better after just a few days on a detox. They feel clearer, more energized, and lively. They feel alive and well again. Unfortunately that good feeling is usually short-lasting. Instead a feeling of heaviness, poor health, water retention, bloating, and weariness come back as soon as people return to their normal lives and usual daily routines. Should this reversal happen? Is this expected? Does it mean we need to keep on detoxifying forever just to feel good?

Ill-health (and clever marketing) are major drives behind rush for detoxification. Although ill health is not a normal state, it is so common that it is accepted in our society as an everyday occurrence. Thus everybody chooses to detoxify, unfortunately seldom anybody ever asks a question: why aren’t we clean and well to begin with?

Getting healthier with age?

How do you know you are toxic?

The body is equipped with a very elaborate detoxification system that under normal circumstances should be able to take care of daily waste with ease. We have a separate disposal for solid waste, liquid waste, and even gases.


Bowels, kidneys and lungs are major waste disposal organs, but, in case their efforts are not sufficient the body also have other routes available such as skin. If all alternative routes are blocked the body will store the waste inside the body. It is easy to figure out if a toxin load is related to your level of well-being: If you feel better after a detox your well-being is affected by toxicity.

Questions you must ask for a smart detox:

  1. Why do I need a detox to begin with? Why am I not clean?
  2. What do I expect afterwards? What should improve and for how long?
  3. Do I really know what organ needs detoxifying? Can this organ get better by this or the other detox method?
  4. How come my internal detoxifying system did not take care of my toxic load? Is your detox system blocked?
  5. Are my detoxification organs overloaded (just overworked) or they have malfunctioned (there is something wrong with them)?
  6. Is my daily life so toxic that it overloaded my body daily capacity for detoxification? Can I change something about my life instead?
  7. How do I know that the detoxification method I am choosing is best for my problem? Is it just because they have it on sale?  Liver detoxifies best through better pooping, and heavy metals through sweat. Ask somebody who is an expert in this area before spending money.

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Toxicity does not come from a thin air, but is an end effect of your daily lifestyle choices. Aim for a clean living and efficiently working internal detoxification system. With both you will have no need for the hottest detoxification kits making their rounds on the market. Do not do things just because everybody else does. Live smarter.

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