Hypoglycemia symptoms for beginners

hypoglycemia symptoms for beginnersYou do not need to run to a doctor or do elaborate tests to recognize hypoglycemia symptoms.

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) symptoms are very common. They are usually due to poorly functioning digestive or hormonal systems. These systems may malfunction due to many reasons. To understand the causes of low blood sugar jump to the post below:

Hypoglycemia symptoms elude many doctors because the symptoms are not always accompanied by low blood sugar numbers. Nonetheless you may be experiencing sugar dips even if you feel healthy.

Hypoglycemia symptoms may not indicate a disease and may have nothing to do with diabetes. In a vast majority of “healthy” population sugar dips are usually transient and can resolve by themselves. Hypoglycemia symptoms in diabetics usually require prompt attention and may not resolve in their own.

Who should suspect hypoglycemia?

When do hypoglycemia symptoms happen?

  • When you haven’t eaten for a while
  • ½ to 1hr or more after eating simple sugars , sweets, or drinking pop, so called sugar slump
  • When you have eaten foods you have hidden allergy to, wheat is a frequent suspect

Who is likely to have low blood sugar symptoms?

  • Undiagnosed diabetics
  • Pre-diabetics (diagnosed or not) and people with any degree of insulin resistance (diagnosed or not)
  • People who are overweight or underweight
  • People with irregular meal timing
  • People on weight-loss diets
  • People under chronic stress, and people who do not handle stress well
  • People with sweet tooth
  • People who frequently indulge in fast food and junk food

Warning signs of recurrent hypoglycemia symptoms:

  • Insomnia; waking up in the middle of the night with hunger and eating to sleep
  • Dull pressing headaches on top of the head worse on waking or when skipping breakfast
  • Frequent anxiety attacks for no apparent reason
  • Frequent feeling of light-headedness and brain fog
  • Episodes of racing heart, palpitations
  • Insatiable cravings for sweets

Watch out for these combinations

Typical mild symptoms:

Nervousness + light-headedness + hunger

Typical moderate symptoms

Anxiety + nausea + heart palpitations

Typical severe symptoms

Profuse sweating without exertion + blurred vision + dizziness/collapse

There are many low blood sugar symptoms that do not look like the ones above. For a complete list download DrD Fridge Chart. This way you always will have a handy guide.


DrD Low Sugar Symptoms | DOWNLOAD


Is it always low blood sugar?

Symptoms of hypoglycemia and symptoms of acute stress may look exactly the same. There is no way to distinguish these two unless you do a test. Jump to this post to find out how to test for true hypoglycemia.

Is it diabetes?

Low blood sugar symptoms may be one of the early warning signs of being at a higher risk for diabetes, but occasionally occurring symptoms do not automatically make you a diabetic or make you progress towards diabetes.

Nonetheless recurrent low blood sugar is not a sign of health and should be taken care of… no, not by eating candies, but by paying more attention to healthy eating, especially to meal quality and their nutritional (not monetary) value.

Can you prevent hypoglycemia symptoms?

Absolutely yes! Unless you are stranded in a food-less place you can safely say that hypoglycemia symptoms can be prevented, even in diabetics. That’s good news, because frequent episodes have unpleasant long-term effects.

What now?

Now it is time to get even a better understanding of what low blood sugar is and how it affects you. Do not be surprised that your medical doctor may be unsympathetic. There is a reason why.

In the meantime learn how to stabilize blood sugar with foods. It makes a big difference to your digestive and endocrine system how you combine foods. If you do it wrong you will end up with low blood sugar. If you do it right you may say goodbye to hypoglycemia symptoms.

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