Is spiked blood pressure genetic?

is spiked blood pressure genetic?Spiked blood pressure again? It must be genetic! If this is what you think you are not alone. It is exactly what the vast majority of people with hypertension believe. But is it true?

If you mother and your father had high blood pressure, do you have to follow their fate? Is it inevitable that you end up with a heart disease? Is there anything else you can do besides taking your heart pills faithfully hoping to avoid a stroke?

Blood pressure spikes and genes

The words “genes” and “genetic” have infiltrated medical sciences in recent years. Besides genes giving us a specific eye color and height we also discovered that genes play a role in diseases. Genes are now being implicated in diabetes, hypertension, and Alzheimer.


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Current medicine has embraced gene-disease link with enthusiasm, because until that point close to 90% of all degenerative changes in the body had unknown causes. Genetic explanation filled in the void. As more genes were discovered, more health mishaps could be blamed on the parents.

The field of genetics is growing rapidly and new genes are constantly discovered. We already confirmed genes for thousands of diseases from breast cancer to migraines. But does this mean that once you have a gene you have a disease?

Genes change

One of the biggest health myths is that genes are static and once passed on, they never change. The truth is that genes are extremely plastic and change constantly in response to the environment. If you have a good grasp of Health Skills you can actually decide what genes you keep and what genes you strike off.

A field of epigenetics is relatively new, but it already made some waves in medicine. Epigenetic studies have proven that genes are modifiable and are largely dependent on lifestyle and environment. That means even if your mom and dad gave you a hypertension gene you will be able to inactivate it and possibly make it disappear for the next generations.

Solutions for spiking blood pressure

When it comes to spiked blood pressure there is a growing evidence that hypertension not only can be controlled with better lifestyle habits, but also completely reversed with such. Among well-known lifestyle interventions for high blood pressure are: increased dietary potassium, increased fibre, daily exercise, and weight management.


Although the above lifestyle interventions have been shown to be exceptionally effective not too many people follow them. For many it is much easier to take a heart pill. Why would they not do?

Why not heart meds?

Heart medications can only reduce increased blood pressure numbers. They cannot reverse hypertension or restore the heart to perfect health. Neither can they improve the genes. Although they may be very convenient and at first inexpensive, but eventually they lead to side effects, accelerate degenerative changes, and contribute to erratic blood pressure.  As the numbers swing from high to low, the ever increasing fluctuations lead to a big problem: difficult to control hypertension accompanied by symptoms of low blood pressure.

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Hypertension is not as much gene-dependent as one may think. Although the genes may be passed on from one generation to another and they can make it harder to keep the numbers down, but what one eats and what we does makes a much bigger difference for the heart than the DNA sequence. If you saw that blood pressure spiked a few times already it is time to change your daily routine. You are not the only one to benefit from it. The future generation will thank you for it too. For solutions to fluctuating blood pressure get The Guide

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