Low Blood Pressure Symptoms – 8 – Food Allergies

low blood pressure symptoms food allergyCan food cause low blood pressure symptoms? The surprising answer is yes. However, there is just not one food that universally changes blood pressure numbers for everyone, so blaming potato or asparagus is pointless.

Not everyone reacts to foods, but a large number of people do. You cannot tell unless you test, because symptoms can be hidden and you cannot tell blood pressure just by pondering on it.

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Low blood pressure symptoms can accompany food allergy

Everyone has some sort of an idea as to what food allergy is. The symptoms we think of are: itchy hives, trouble breathing or diarrhea. Skin rashes, cough, or swelling of a face can also happen. This type of allergy is easily noticed, easily tested, and easy to manage. It is usually a specific food that causes the symptoms and these symptoms are predictable. It is the always same food that causes always the same reaction. No rocket science needed here.

You will need a skin scratch to test for this kind of food allergy. The test is straightforward. A minuscule amount of a substance is introduced under the skin. If it is an allergen, the skin would swell up.

This type of allergy affects blood pressure in a dramatic way. When allergic foods are eaten they can cause hypotension. It is because the body, when in allergic mode, shifts blood from arteries to capillaries. The skin, throat, or gut swells in volume, but there is little blood left for the main blood vessels.

Severe food allergy effect

In case of severe allergy there will be a dramatic consequence to the circulation. Significant hypotension however, will be short-lived, a few hours at most. Look out for weakness, dizziness, light-headedness, and other typical symptoms of low blood pressure, that are concomitant with body swelling. They will be rather easy to spot.

You cannot miss dramatic body reactions, the smaller one can get blurred very easily. Watch out for chronic skin itching, mild water retention, or weight gain. They may not be separate problems, but the result of mild food allergies.

Invisible food allergy effect

When you eat small amounts of mildly allergenic foods daily you may experience mild chronic symptoms that you can mistake for other problems. Among those are headaches, hand and leg puffiness, bloated stomach, and rapid weight gain or weight fluctuation. These are due to water retention in different parts of the body.

To find out if food allergies may be a problem either get yourself tested or keep a very careful log of your menu. Foods that you eat daily should be your biggest suspects. Be especially vigilant with processed foods. They can contain a wide range of ingredients you may not even be familiar with. Stick to a simple diet of nothing processed for a week or two and reassess your symptoms.

If you lose weight during these clean days the chances are your body is averse to something you ate previously. Consider a permanent dietary change.

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