Our LUVe

LUVe Uthing

Living in LUVe

LUVe stands for Live Uthing Vehicle and in 2017 it became our home. Yep, we are planning to live in a van. Choosing to live in a small space and cutting off a fat paycheck may sound very strange and frankly foolish to many people. Not to us. LUVe is not just a van. It is the ultimate expression of our life philosophy. To us LUVe is not a random metal box on four wheels otherwise known as step van but a vehicle to

  • express our independence and self-reliance
  • build a world-wide social network that involves meeting actual people
  • reduce consumerism and garbage that comes with it
  • end the sneaky spend-and-earn cycle we got caught in
  • live on a small footprint to pay respect to our Mother Nature
  • pursue our passions without time restrictions
  • spread our health philosophy, and share our wisdom
  • escape modern life stressors, reduce the likelihood of modern chronic diseases, and finally
  • become an example of health, happiness, and wisdom proving that better health is free and available to everyone

Building LUVe

In the remote past LUVe was a hard-working FedEx cargo van. When we got it, LUVe was lined with metal shelves like any respectable carrier vehicle. It also had a rotten floor, non-existent heating system, highly uncomfortable jumper seats, and was cold like frozen-over Canadian hell. It wasn’t fun to drive it. We spend about eight thousand Canadian dollars on repairs and mechanical upgrades, before put LUVe’s tires back on the road.

Once our new and improved ex-FedEx could mingle with other vehicles on the road we proceeded with making it more inhabitable. The steps and struggles while building our new home are (or will be) documented in the photos we took while at it, as well as short posts and video describing the grind. These documentaries are meant to help those who are on van-living path or those who are considering building a dream home on wheels. Our LUVe has its own character. It is meant to be maximally functional, durable, and cheap to maintain. See for yourself.

Big jobs

  • back door (to follow)
  • the heater (to follow)
  • front seats
  • the bed (to follow)
  • windows and vents (to follow)
  • insulation (to follow)
  • the floor (to follow)
  • electrical (to follow)
  • fridge installation (to follow)
  • solar installation (to follow)
  • bathroom (to follow)
  • heating system (to follow)
  • walls (to follow)
  • shelving (to follow)
  • the shower (to follow)
  • kitchen (to follow)
  • water tanks (to follow)
  • the toilet (to follow)
  • the bumper (to follow)
  • ceiling reinforcement

Minor improvements

  • seat and bed covers (to follow)
  • insulating curtains (to follow)
  • sun reflectors (to follow)
  • cup holders (to follow)
  • dash simplification (to follow)
  • gadget holders (to follow)
  • the table (to follow)

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