Stop fluctuating blood pressure with hugs

stop fluctuating blood pressure with hugsMost people take meds to tame their blood pressure swings. This seems not only the easiest, but also the most effective method for patients. Things go well at the beginning, numbers are down and there is nothing to worry about any more. Patients are happy. Doctors are happy.

A few years elapse and things get worse over time. Fluctuating blood pressure is back. The health decline takes people by surprise. Wasn’t the pill supposed to cure the heart?

No pills for fluctuating blood pressure

Fluctuating blood pressure can’t be cured by pills. Although the meds lower blood pressure and control the spikes, their effect is only temporary. This lack of permanency has an obvious reason. Meds don’t address the causes. And without addressing the causes there is no cure.

Meds are easy to take, but the problem is that once you start you are stuck. Think about it for a moment. Isn`t this exactly the reason why someone would start with one med, only to end up with two or three few years later? Not that the condition is incurable, but that the whole pill premise is faulty.

You don’t need to be a cardiologist to fix your heart. You don’t need a Harvard degree to lower your numbers. But what you need is to at least know what type of fluctuating blood pressure you have. This will allow you to effectively deal with it, while avoiding stuckness.

The origins of high blood pressure

In 90% of cases doctors cannot tell where spiked blood pressure comes from. It’s not the doctor’s fault. He learnt that helplessness from the medical books. These textbooks mention nothing about stress, environment, or nutrition. If they did nearly all cases of fluctuating blood pressure would be solved. But since your doctor knows very little about these causative factors he may insist that hypertension is genetic, which is a true as the statement that the Earth revolves around you.

What stress has to do with it?

Many people don’t realize, but they live in a perpetuating state of stress. And although stress is not the only cause behind spiked blood pressure it is a very common one. When stress is present, blood pressure and heart rate goes up, but not forever. After years of spiking, blood pressure may collapse because of adrenal fatigue. When this happens blood pressure becomes ultra-erratic and no pills could stabilize it. Such is frequently the case in elderly, where fluctuating blood pressure become a major cause for falls.

How to keep the heart happy?

There are at least three no-pill methods for calming the spikes. These are highly eco-friendly methods with benefits extending way past cardiovascular health.

  1. Marry and be happy

I am serious. Epidemiological studies show that men that never marry have on the average higher blood pressure and much higher tendency to hypertension later in life.[i] On the average, marriage decreases BP numbers by 6 mmHg.[ii] But marrying just anyone for the sake of lowering blood pressure won’t do. Bad marriage can make hypertension worse.

  1. Hook up to iTunes

Listening to music is therapeutic. Music heals and this statement also applies to the heart. Research reveals that music therapy can bring blood pressure down significantly, even if it is just one session. Ditch the supplements, because four weeks of music therapy may be better than garlic pills. On the average 25 min of music a day drops systolic by 12 mmHg and diastolic by 5 mmHg.[iii] Not too shabby.

  1. Give and receive hugs

No laughing matter here. Our society is germ and touch-phobic. Hugs are rare nowadays. But hugs carry body and soul benefits. Hugs release neurotransmitters that calm the heart resulting in lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and lesser stress perception.[iv] They also boost immune system.[v] If you have erratic blood pressure, consider becoming a hugger. If you are too afraid, too timid, or too stand-offish to involve humans, buy yourself a teddy bear. Apparently it works too. Otherwise get this huggy blanky.

What’s wrong with pills?

You heard me saying “Health is a Skill, not a Pill” and I stand by it. Although some may think it is an odd statement it may not be that strange when you give it a second thought. There are at least three reasons to consider pills for high blood pressure as the last resort.

  1. Temporary relief

Pills don’t make the body any healthier and they don’t address causes. All they can do is to give a temporary relief from the symptoms for a few hours. That’s why you have to take your meds daily and that’s why once you start you are stuck.

2. Side effects to the body

We are conditioned to accept that all medications have side effects. This comes from the belief that side effects are a minor price to pay for saving a life. The problem is that meds are not as good at saving lives as they say. Meds are neither the only nor the best way to deal with hypertension. Coping skills and weight loss produce far better results. Pills may look very convenient and tempting, but are the least healthy way to deal with blood pressure.

3. Side effects to the environment

Once you are on meds your pee become chemically-loaded. Maybe the toxins won’t stain the toilet, but they will definitely burden the environment. Bacteria, plankton, insects, fish, and birds are dying off and drug metabolites are part of the problem. Our pill-popping convenience is very inconvenient for our planet. Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureIf you care to be environmentally friendly the best way to go about it is to get yourself truly healthy. Your health will do significantly more good to the planet, than the donation dollars you conveniently sink into a good cause slogans.

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