Supplements not any better than prescription drugs?

What is the best supplement for high blood pressure? What is the best food to lower cholesterol? And which pill would shed pounds off the waist in a rapid fashion?

I am sure you have asked those questions before. There are plenty of answers on the internet, in health food stores and even at your health care practitioner office.

You got a pill? Too bad. If you got yourself a pill for a problem or a symptom you most likely have thrown your money away.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight gain is not due to pill deficit, but more frequently than not, lack of healthy lifestyle habits. 

What to do for:

Health is not a pill, but a skill

Our current medical system has made us believe that we should take a pill for an ailment. That would be a perfect solution if health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or excess weight would happen to us randomly, but they don’t.

This unfortunate state of matters are perpetuated by medical establishment that uses outdated information. Medical sources propose that hypertension has unknown cause in the vast majority of cases. Utter nonsense!

That may be true only if one disregards nutrition,  stress, exercise and other lifestyle factors. What a shame! Healthy lifestyle habits and their effects on the body has not entered medical schools yet. Still today doctors prescribe pills instead of teaching patients how to live.

Healthy lifestyle does not sell

Pill selling is a profitable business today. Healthy lifestyle is not. Our society is bread to believe that symptoms stem from either bad luck or bad genes. Not having control over health is an easy sell. It appeals to people who are averse to self-responsibility or those who have difficult time with self-care. A pill allows for bypassing necessary lifestyle changes.

Pills sell well. Here is red yeast to lower cholesterol, hawthorn berries for hypertension, and green tea extract for obesity. They work and it’s a win-win. Buyer hopes to reduce the symptoms, seller packs in the profit. 

Shortage of pills cause diseases

But wait a second! Does cholesterol go up because someone did not have enough red yeast capsules in the past? Does blood pressure spike due to lack of hawthorn berries in the childhood? Does belly fat accumulate due insufficient intake of green tea?  This does not make sense.  If these causes do not make sense, why would these treatments do?

Here is the reason why people get stuck with pills. They don’t treat the causes, but symptoms or lab results. The problem reoccurs, because the pills do not address the reasons. Although patients don’t want to get stuck with prescription meds, yet naively end up being stuck with supplements instead. So instead of lipid-lowering medication, blood pressure medication or prescribed fat blockers one gets stuck with yeast, hawthorn and green tea extract.

natural medicine is synonymous with supplements

Using natural medicine is trendy, but natural medicine is not synonymous with taking supplements. First is prevention through healthy lifestyle habits, only then pills can be considered. Prescriptions should be used as the last resort. Starting with meds is just a wrong philosophy.

Pill takers have it wrong. Most pills do not improve health, they just manage symptoms and give false comfort.




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