Uthing Adventures

Uthing adventures

Live Fun & Health, all at once

You do not have to be rich to experience fun. You do not have to go far to change scenery. But you do need to have at least an itsy bitsy wild side in you to like what we do.

One day we discovered that our life is too hectic, too industrious, and too monotonous. Between supervising clinic renovation, caring for a teenager, attending to patients, contributing articles to my blog and writing books there suddenly was no time for fun, not even time for each other. Juggling career and family became stressful and unhealthy(!).

Time for a Lifestyle Upgrade

We knew what we needed: a change of scenery, change of pace, natural environment, fresh air, complete change of focus, silly jokes, and rekindling of our romance. We needed to pack our bags, take good mood, and leave all stress behind. That’s how we started.

It was time to move that unsightly growing belly out of the couch and put the chips away. Health does not happen by chance. Romantic relationships need nurturing. Special memories need special moments. And most of all our families needs winners, not stress slaves.

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Uthing Adventures

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