Uthing challenges 2

Get Healthier, Kinder… Beautiful 


Everyone wants better health, but not everyone knows how to go about it. This is where UthingTM Challenges come in. UthingTM Challenges aim to fit Five Basic Health Ingredients (real food, movement, outdoor, flora, and love) into one’s life, one small habit at a time

 😀 One habit at a time

UthingTM Challenges are small  trials that can help create meaningful habits and build a healthier lifestyle over time.

 😀 Simple & short

UthingTM Challenges take anywhere from one to two weeks. Although short, they are long enough to make you decide whether they can make it permanently into your lifestyle. Consider the trials as a test-drive, sort of like “try it, before you buy it”.

 😀 Countless options

UthingTM Challenges present an wide array of possibilities. These will range from eating better, to making physical effort, to working with nature. We know that we should do more of that, but it’s not always easy to find way to make a change.

😀 Win something

When is the last time a doctor gave your a present because you took care of yourself? Yep, it does not happen. We want to change it. We want to reward people who pursue a healthy lifestyle, hence we give away prizes for participation.

How to participate

 1. Subscribe

Each new UthingTM Challenge is announced through an email. To be notified you need to be on our subscriber’s list.

2. Go at your own pace

The challenges are not competitions. Go at your own pace and according to abilities. Reasonable effort is expected, but it is not a prerequisite for continuation of other challenges or writing a comment.

3. Leave a comment

We want you to leave a comment. Something about your experience, obstacles you encountered, suggestions for future, revelations, and body improvements you noticed. Comments help us and others, so please go ahead, don’t be shy. Only if you comment you will be included in the prize draw.

Comment rules:

  • one comment = one entry
  • comment must be relevant to the challenge
  • no profanities, put-downs of others, or disrespect
  • few-word comments or one liners will be removed
  • comment must not contain hidden or obvious links, or spam, these will be removed
  • comments will be open during the time of the challenge, after which time they will be closed till the winner is announced
  • comments will be then reopen later however, without the right to enter a draw

How to be a winner

1. Participate & comment

Every timely and approved comment will be included in a draw, so comment. The more the better. Let us know how you did on the first day, third day, and a week after.

2. Check your email

Notifications about the prizes and the draw dates will be sent to the subscribers via email. Do we have your valid email?

3. Claim your prize

We will announce the winner via email. His/her avatar, name, city, country, and age will be posted on our website as well as our social media. Please claim your prize within 30 days of the announcement. You snooze, you lose. Unclaimed prizes go back to the prize pool.