Uthing SystemSimple Steps to being Healthier, Kinder… Beautiful

UthingTM System was created to help foster UthingTM Principles through addition of small but meaningful habits into daily life. Pick one or take advantage of all three of the System’s parts:

  • Scores – calculates your current health benchmark
  • Challenges – challenges you to add a new habit
  • Upgrades  – gives opportunity for a custom health accelleration

1. Get your UthingTM Score

We all try to lead a healthy lifestyle yet, for many of us, the efforts do not lead to expected results. Let’s face it: haven`t you been trying to lose weight for decades already?

If you`re already making healthy lifestyle changes that’s great, but are the efforts well-thought out or are they sort of an impulse? Many people do something without a second thought, just because other say it is healthy. For example, what`s the point of walking off pounds while being underweight or avoiding salt while having low blood pressure?

How can you know whether your health efforts translate into a better self? You can’t unless you have a benchmark. This is where UthingTM Scores come in. They are weak point detectors. From symptoms to functional tests they can direct your attention to the right area.

2. Have fun with UthingTM Challenges

Consider them as short practicums and test-drives of new lifestyle habits. Every few weeks we will propose a new challenge, which we hope, you are going to take on. Let us know how you managed. Your comment may win you a prize.

UthingTM Challenges are not only exciting, they can make a huge difference to health. If you don’t want to miss these self-improvement opportunities make sure we have you on our subscriber`s list.

3. Check out health accelerating Upgrades

These are for serious health seekers. Upgrades have variety of formats: books, webinars, coffee chats, private consults, and others. They will be rolled out over time and they will be available on demand. Members are eligible for discounts and the first dips.