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Functional Health Grooming for Environmentally Conscious

or in short…

Healthier, kinder, beautiful…

Help us make the world to be exactly that.

Most of all:

Our Mission

Our mission is to make everyone healthier, kinder, beautiful; for that we need to:

  • Reduce medication use; Prescription medication is the number one environmental killer. Metformin feminizes fish and prevent its reproduction. Cholesterol-lowering medication prevents plant growth. Diclofenac, a popular painkiller, wiped out an entire population of vultures in India. 93% of streams in USA contain high levels of medication that affects wildlife. Nearly all ground waters in USA contain residue of 100 to 200 different drugs. Your health impacts the planet. Health is a skill, not a pill. Learn how to live healthy.
  • Reduce use of agri-chemistry. Pesticides and herbicides make devastating changes to the soil and contribute to climate change. They decimate worms, insects and birds. Unfortunately many people don’t realize that by buying conventional produce they support vicious cycle of environmental devastation. Buy organic. Support sustainable farming practices. Otherwise our food supply will shrink and our home earth will no longer support life.
  • Reduce man-made garbage; Buying new things is a normal activity in North America, but with every new thing purchased, something has to end up in the garbage. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, car parts, and various items are regularly found in stomachs of agonizing fish, turtles, and whales. Plastic packages suffocate and strangle wild animals. Ocean is becoming a plastic dump. Food packaging, take-out containers, yogurt cups, and snacks wrappers float about or pile up for decades without being degraded. Don’t contribute. Buy in bulk, cook yourself, and minimize purchases, because a garbage man does not make garbage disappear from the planet. He just makes it disappear from your street.


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