What are correctors?

Correctors are therapies that help correct minor health issues. An easy example may be vitamin C for cold or a laxative for constipation.

Correctors are used to bring body quickly back to a comfort state. Health is seldom perfect, so it is very common to use Correctors. If you find yourself using a Corrector regularly, you should realize that this corrector does not provide a cure, it is merely a temporary band aid.

We have access to very many correctors. Some are better than others and some can even be harmful if used habitually. Smoking, painkillers, or excessive cleaning can be examples of common harmful Correctors. If you’ve just realized you are addicted to a Corrector and want to remove it from your life first you need to find out why your corrector does not work permanently. Dropping a corrector without substitution may make you very uncomfortable. If you want to know the cause of your recurrent problem, and find a more permanent solution go to our Algorithms of Health™. These will give you an idea where to look.


Please note:

Correctors do not have to be natural. They can be synthetic such as over the counter de-worming treatments.

Correctors do not have to be drugs or supplements. It can be any corrective therapy. Massage is a good Corrector for sore muscles after a strenuous workout, so is chiropractic care for a “kink” in the neck after an accident.

TO FIND A CHIROPRACTOR GO TO Ontario Chiropractic Association

TO FIND AN RMT GO TO Ontario Massage Therapy Association

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