What can lower blood pressure within minutes – instructions

Here is a quick breathing technique that can lower blood pressure within minutes. Follow the instructions. Don’t skip steps.





  1. Take a breath from your belly (not shoulders!) while counting slowly to four.
  2. Stop for a count of two and then release your breath slowly on a count of four again.
  3. Stop for a second before you take another breath. 
  4. Repeat.




Make sure the breath is always from the belly, never from the neck or shoulders. Continue till your numbers  come down. 

You can check whether the technique works for you by:

How it works

This technique works for blood pressure that is elevated due to stress, excitement, and overexertion. The results are immediate, but temporary.

If your blood pressure is elevated on a regular basis you must look into metabolic causes or you will keep on having cardiovascular problems.

Mastering blood pressure

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