What can lower blood pressure within minutes?

what can lower blood pressureAre wondering what can lower blood pressure within minutes without having to double up on your heart medication?

Is there a method that can help with the spikes that is safe and always available without risking any negative side effects?



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What is the cause of blood pressure spikes?

Before helping you with lowering the numbers I want you to consider the reason why you ended up with a spike in the first place. High blood pressure is not just “bad health luck”, inevitable “genetic fate”, but an end effect of long-term lifestyle errors.

Unless you identify and correct these errors you will end up continuously battling blood pressure spikes that first are insignificant and infrequent and then spikes that become significant and frequent enough to run your life. Eventually these spikes will require constant attention and finally a life-long management with prescription medication.

To start your blood pressure correction right away download the chart below. It contains foods that are known to affect the heart. Put the chart on your fridge door so you have a convenient reference on foods that raise and lower the numbers.


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If you want to stop progression of hypertension here is a method that can lower blood pressure within minutes. Be aware that this method, although powerful, is not a substitution for prescription medication and you should not attempt to reduce or stop your meds on your own.

Factors that can lower blood pressure

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureBlood pressure is dependent on many factors. There are too many to list them here, but it is worth knowing that the vast majority of those factors can be controlled by you. That means if you know what causes erratic spikes you will be able to stop them.

For a full information about the spikes, blood pressure fluctuations, and tips on how to control them without prescription drugs refer to The Guide to perfecting circulation.

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Anyhow, one of the most important factors that can change blood pressure within minutes is your blood vessel diameter, which depends on blood vessel tone, which you can be in control of. If you can change your vessel tone you can change your numbers within seconds.

The blood vessel tone is subject to rapid fluctuations. It is also situation-dependent. Many fluctuations of blood pressure are normal and actually desirable and are a sign of a healthy and robust cardiovascular system. That’s why you have them while exercising but you shouldn’t have them while watching a movie.

The bottom line is: if you are able to control your blood vessel tone you are also able to control your pressure numbers. That sounds very simple, but really… how can you lower the numbers yourself? Can you do it without having to take drugs?

This can lower blood pressure in minutes

This technique can do wonders for correcting the numbers. Start with watching your breath. Erratic breathing causes erratic blood pressure. Breath is a very powerful regulator of your nervous system and breath can regulate the heart. Ultimately it is the nervous system that sets your arterial tone and the breath oversees that

Slow steady deep breathing calms the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. Studies have confirmed this effect.

How to lower blood pressure right away

Follow these four steps.

  1. Take a breath from your belly (not shoulders!) while counting slowly to four.
  2. Stop for a count of two and then release your breath slowly on a count of four again.
  3. Stop for a second before you take another breath. Make sure the breath is always from the belly, never from the neck or shoulders.
  4. Repeat.

Studies show that this breathing method can lower the numbers by as much as 20 points. But to get that effect you must do the technique perfectly. Check the following points.

  • Scan your body for any tension. Your blood vessel tone parallels your muscle tone. Although you cannot feel your blood vessels you can feel your muscles and sense any tension in them.
  • Check your shoulders. Are they riding high? Can you drop them?
  • Check your back. Is there any tension there?
  • Check your neck, arms, feet and spine, part by part very slowly. 
  • Take time. Fast pace will make you more anxious and raise the blood pressure. Only slow pace will make this exercise worthwhile. If you find any tension anywhere, stop and let the tension melt into your breath.
  • Aim for about 6 breaths per minute.

Your job is to bring your breath to its natural and effortless slow within just minutes. You should feel comfortable and your breath should not feel artificial. If you did the exercise right you should notice a significant drop in your numbers right away. If you do not, try again. Make sure that this time you are really slowing down and relaxing all the muscles. Although this task may feel difficult and cumbersome at first mastering your nervous system is of vital importance to your well-being.

Fluctuating blood pressure?

If you have trouble with this exercise, do not give up! To be healthy you need to be able to master these basic breathing skills. Not being able to control your breath or a nervous system means your health isn’t perfect. Excessively fluctuating blood pressure may be your first sign of adrenal burnout, unmanaged stress, or a problem related to central nervous system signalling.

The Cholesterol TrapBreathing skills are the most important, the simplest, yet the most underutilized health-keeping method nowadays. Mastering six relaxed breathing cycles a minute is a great way to prevent sudden blood pressure spikes including the well-known and dreaded white coat syndrome. For self-managing cholesterol refer to my book The Cholesterol Trap!

There is no need to stack up on tons of herbs, supplements or magic potions before visiting a doctor. Use your own breath and be confident that it can lower your blood pressure within minutes.


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