What hides behind fluctuating blood pressure?

whats behind fluctuating blood pressureFluctuating blood pressure is very common. Don’t be surprised that a moderate degree of blood pressure fluctuation is normal.

Some highs and lows are even a sign of good health, but not all of them fall into a “good” category. Some numbers should cause a definite concern.

Good health is not random

Nothing in body happens by chance. Even good health is not a random event. Everything has causes and that includes erratic heart beats. Do you know why your heart is doing somersaults? If not then my post common causes of fluctuating blood pressure will give you some clues.

When your blood pressure is one minute too high and other minute too low it is a definite sign of a heart in trouble. The readings should reflect cardiovascular stability and the numbers should always keep within their normal limits. But what are those?

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Fluctuating blood pressure is caused by…

It`s not what you think. Blood pressure fluctuations are seldom caused by a failing heart. In the vast majority of cases erratic ups and downs are not due to a heart failure at all, but due to a failure of a nervous system.

You may be scratching your head right now. What does a nervous system have to do with the heart? It’s simple. It is the nervous system that gives orders to the heart. The heart merely reflects what the nervous system is telling it to do. That’s why your heart flutters when you get excited and slows down when you feel sleepy. In other words first look at their nervous system, because it is frequently the main cause behind fluctuating blood pressure.

A bit more on fluctuating blood pressure

Now you are more aware that cardiovascular and nervous systems AKA stress and heart beats go hand in hand. Cardiovascular system does what the nervous system demands. If you are under pressure your blood pressure (notice non-coincidental wording similarity) goes up, and when you are relaxed your blood pressure goes down.

For the exact same reason your numbers will be much higher when you are exercising then when you are lying down. By adjusting the heart rate the body regulates the amount of oxygen needed for the task. Without that adjustment the body will end up oxygen deprived at any attempt of a physical effort. Without faster heart beats you will have to forgo hiking, running, squatting, or even carrying grocery bags. Do you know that this cardiovascular adjustment is also activated when you are laughing, talking, or eating?

Unfortunately some cardiovascular systems do not adjust well to physical demands. People with weaker hearts have difficulties with exericse and sometimes even daily activities. Lower blood pressure means lower oxygen and that means less power. If you feel out of breath and have difficulty with physical exertion maybe your numbers are low. See what you can do about it. Here are common causes of low blood pressure.

Excessive blood pressure swings?

So what does it mean when your blood pressure fluctuates to the point of making you feel uncomfortable?

Let’s go back to the nervous system.

Nervous system is the main cardiovascular player that adjusts the heart rate, heart force, and the blood vessel tone. One needs to keep nervous system in mind while trying to find the cause behind the erratic numbers. 

Nervous system is made up of two opposing segments: Sleepy and Excited. No, these are not proper anatomic names, neither anything you may find in a medical dictionary. These are simplified concepts that reflect the reality of our bodies. Anyhow, Sleepy and Excited are turned on as needed, depending on the circumstances.

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureWhen Sleepy takes charge blood pressure goes down. The opposite happens when Excited rules. Sleepy and Excited should live in harmony, but that does not happen when blood pressure numbers start fluctuating. Erratic numbers are seen when Sleepy and Excited get overzealous about their respective jobs. Can Sleepy and Excited make peace again?

They can. For that one needs to make Sleepy and Excited working well again. You will find the reasons why Sleepy and Excited can’t get along and tips on how to make them work in unison again in “The Ultimate Guide


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What to do about fluctuating blood pressure now?

Before talking to a cardiologist about the weird behavior of the heart it is necessary to check on the nervous system. Unless you are on medication forcing your blood pressure down, you may get good results just by focusing on the adrenals. Adrenal glads are masterminds behind nervous system behavior and they are the ones that turn Sleepy or Excited on or off.

Adrenal glands are quite responsive to treatment and you may be surprised that healthier adrenals will give you a much better control over the heart numbers.

The end of adrenal fatigue

There are many approaches to reducing adrenal fatigue, one of the causes behind erratic heart behavior.  And although some adrenal-restoring methods require medical attention, many can be used successfully at home. A simple introduction of adrenal-friendly foods to the menu will be immensely helpful in reducing adrenal wear and tear. Here are guidelines on how to do it:

Calm down!

While battling fluctuating blood pressure you must not forget about importance of calming down the nerves. Managing stress with simple breathing techniques and checking out natural calmers in a nearby health food store may be a good starting point, but don’t be impatient. Fine-tuning of the nervous system usually does not happen overnight.

Final points

Here is a summary of how you should approach your fluctuating blood pressure:

  • Rule out your medication as a cause. A substantial number of medications can make changes to your blood vessel tone, heart rate, nervous system and adrenal processing and thus alter your numbers
  • Rule out dietary causes. Some foods can cause nearly immediate blood pressure elevation. Make sure you know them
  • Calm down! Nerves can immediately increase your heart rate and increase your blood pressure. The less you are capable of dealing with stress the worse it gets.
  • Strengthen your adrenals. Weak adrenals can be a major cause for keeping your blood pressure low. If you don’t know how your adrenals are doing you should test them. You can order a kit on-line.

Fluctuating blood pressure is the end effect of cardiovascular, hormonal, and nervous functioning. To correct it you need to look beyond the heart. Reducing blood pressure swings can take time, so don’t expect miracles overnight. However, do not give up either. Excessive swings SHOULD be corrected. They are not healthy. In fact, excessively fluctuating blood pressure is a sign of failing health. The good news is: you can reverse it. For all heart-related needs visit Our STORE


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