What NOT to do for low blood pressure symptoms – part 1

what not to do for low blood pressure symptomsLow blood pressure symptoms are notoriously confused with heart disease.  These two are not the same although they sometimes overlap. Low blood pressure treatment requires a different than widely promoted approach for heart disease. What may be surprising to many is that these two conditions frequently require opposing treatments.  Here are three areas that cause massive confusion.

Coffee improves symptoms of low blood pressure

Coffee is one of the most controversial beverages. Some people claim that coffee causes hypertension and should not be used at all among heart patients. Some people shun it due to its acid-promoting properties, which are associated with ill-health. Some people think that coffee causes low immune system despite its anti-oxidant properties.

Over time coffee received many different health claims, both good and bad. Regardless of the controversies one cannot deny that coffee is one of the top beverages to lessen low blood pressure symptoms.

Because of the ongoing confusion doctors and nurses are not very eager to prescribe coffee as a beverage of choice. There is a persisting suspicion that coffee can cause hypertension in the long run. That may be true for some, but be aware that not everyone who drinks coffee ends up with heart disease.

Can you drink your coffee and have a healthy heart at the same time? You can, but you need to know the right way to enjoy your java. Coffee and tea lovers will find the answers to all their questions in The Guide below.


In the meantime, if you experience low blood pressure symptoms regularly do not stop drinking your coffee from fear of future ill-health consequences. Keep on enjoying the beverage, but consult a qualified health care provider to factor in your other conditions and the meds.


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Can Salt erase low blood pressure symptoms?

Reduce salt! Every doctor, every health agency, and every journalist`s report on heart disease will repeat it loud and clear that excess sodium presents a grave danger to a weak heart. Yet to a person with hypotension salt may be the ultimate rescue.

Due to its ability to promote water retention salt is not welcomed in high blood pressure, but exactly that property of salt can reduce low blood pressure symptoms. Many modern prescriptions for chronic hypotension contain sodium tablets. Yet instead of popping yet another pill maybe it would be wiser to use salt shakers more liberally or choose foods naturally high in sodium such as home-fermented sauerkraut and pickles, feta cheese, blue cheese, olives, or anchovies. You will find more dietary guidelines for regulating fluctuating blood pressure in The Guide to Perfecting Circulation.

Be aware that if your body requires a constant supply of extra sodium you may have an underlying condition. One of the causes behind sodium wasting is adrenal fatigue. The most pronounced symptoms of adrenal fatigue are feeling of exhaustion and inability to cope with stress. If you suspect you may have it there are two things you can do. Test yourself for the condition and/or start yourself on a diet for adrenal fatigue

Don’t be obsessed with potassium

Potassium is a backbone of health. Lack of potassium can weaken muscles, cause constipation, contribute to a weak immune system, and impact heart health. It’s no wonder that potassium is prescribed for many patients, especially those with risk for hypertension.

The heart is highly sensitive to potassium and its lack causes high blood pressure. Conversely potassium excess leads to hypotension. You may not know that, but highly concentrated potassium injections are given to convicts as a death penalty. Why? Because excess potassium stops the heart.

Don`t panic though. Potassium is tightly regulated by the body and whatever comes from food is rapidly excreted. There is no risk of death from eating a high-potassium diet. However, studies confirmed that high potassium diet lowers blood pressure.  If your numbers are consistently low maybe you should leave that potassium-rich banana out and stick to salty pickles instead. If you are on medication for the heart consult your doctor before changing your diet. Everyone is different and your specific situation may require a different approach.

Low blood pressure causes treatment symptomsWhat to eat and what to avoid for different blood pressure patterns is explained thoroughly in The Guide to Low & Fluctuating Blood Pressure. To learn everything about low blood pressure get a copy of Revived!

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