This is us Uthing

Hello from DrD & Andi

Hi there!

I am DrD (shortened from Dr. Dorothy), a naturopathic physician, author, blogger, and public speaker. I am an unconventional thinker, rule breaker and social disturber.

About eight years ago I met Andi. Andi was a licensed carpenter, heavy equipment mechanic, with an incredible passion and ingenuity for building things. He admitted to building a dental flosser from an old fork, fold-able prototype of a bicycle, and a traffic-stopping trailer. I liked that. He too was unconventional. He was also bold and had a big mouth. He was not afraid to speak his mind. I could live with that.

Let’s just say we hit it off.

Shifting gears

After close to a decade of being together we felt we needed to make a major change in our lives. We decided, we no longer want to live according to social standards, but need to fully embrace our life philosophy.

We did not care to aspire to high salaries or luxuries of life. We yearned for simplicity, togetherness, and health. We got an old step-van and converted it to our home, even though forgoing our “old life” meant a huge reduction of income, comforts, and stability.

Despite obvious drawbacks we decided to follow our destiny and make this world a nicer place.  Our mission wasn’t to quit working, retire and travel the world, but to inspire everyone to strive to be healthier, kinder and beautiful.

We Live UthingTM

We created UthingTM Principles, which later developed into UthingTM system. The system was not created to promote RV living or step-van living as in our case. UthingTM system was created to help others emphasize self-care, maximize on health ingredients, and promote earth-friendly conduct. It is our way of making the earth a more beautiful place. I bet, you want the same.